Rapid Response Mobile Patrols

We patrol a diverse range of business and residential areas from gas stations to apartment complexes. If there is a fire or lock down situation, mobile security guards should know the protocol as to what to do and follow it. This includes knowing the necessary evacuation routes, rendezvous points, and how to initiate calls up the chain of command if something happens in the off hours. Do not need a full-time security guard but want an added layer of protection?
During a mobile patrol, officers have enough time to be knowledgeable and friendly, but not enough time to develop friendships, which can skew judgment. Safeguard Security provides layered protection with the use of a 24 hour dispatcher, mobile patrol units, and watch commanders. Our various levels of protection ensure that each officer has the back-up protection that he/she needs, and that each property is safely guarded for the specified shift. Security Services is harnessing the power of the sun to turn your property into an intelligent property. Our solar-powered Mobile Surveillance Unit’s are a low-cost alternative to having security guards on-site, as well as replacing random security vehicle patrols throughout the night. Security Specialists offer mobile patrols for both homes and businesses.
A visible security presence is also important to deter criminal activity. Our reputable security service will provide the best strategies to keep your business safe and secure 24/7. Mobile security services are a time-tested way to keep your property secure. We have 24 years of experience in the industry and our commitment to embracing the latest innovations in unrivaled. Simply put, GoJoe Patrol’s mobile security offers superior and more efficient service than the other guys.
Shrewsbury Police Department received a grant from the Municipal Road Safety Grant Program. Shrewsbury officers who are assigned to this patrol will be focused on distracted driving. If you have any questions about your patrol service, drop us an email on the contact us page or give us a call. Identifying unauthorized vehicles in parking lots and having them ticketed or removed.
In partnership with our customers Australia wide, Certis Security Australia designs, builds, and operates bespoke ops-tech outsourcing solutions for a wide range of business needs. Silvertrac has the tools to stay on top of every vehicle in your fleet. Mobile PatrolsHave peace of mind that your property is being watched over 24/7. In addition, we can strategically place highly visible signs throughout our client’s property informing and warning trespassers, loiterers and vagrants that the property is being protected. The most trusted source for vetted private security and military contractor professionals.