Non-Profit Organization Websites: Increasing Donations & Volunteering Cheap Fundraising Ideas

GoFundMe is one of the world’s largest crowdfunding websites, having helped raise over $15 billion since 2010. Individuals or nonprofits can create fundraising pages on the platform to start raising money online quickly. Donorbox is a user-friendly online donation platform that aims to be accessible to everyone, regardless if you’re a donor or a nonprofit staff member. Beyond one-time donations, you can also use the platform to start a membership program to foster recurring giving. PayPal is an online payment processing platform nonprofits can use to accept donations.
All of these types depend on collecting small amounts of money from many people. The reach of internet fundraising has made crowdfunding a lucrative activity, both in the commercial world and in the nonprofit arena. Powering thousands of events each year, TeamRaiser doesn’t just help you manage your events with efficiency and ease, it helps you maintain the momentum long after.
With Morweb, Colorado Ballet can easily convert large images to web-friendly versions and zoom, crop, and drag those images so they fit perfectly on the site’s pages. Morweb also empowers organizations like Colorado Ballet to offer secure and easy-to-use password-protected resources like member accounts. The homepage features campaigns that need urgent attention and recent news that allows supporters to stay up-to-date on all things relating to red panda conservation. It’s clear that storytelling is a main focus of this nonprofit website.
A pledge drive is a type of fundraising campaign that asks supporters to make a pledge to donate a certain amount of money over a set period of time. This can be done in-person or online and is a great way to build momentum and encourage larger donations. When considering fundraising platforms, it is also important to consider the reputation of the platform and its security measures.
This organization seeks to help individuals cope with drug and alcohol addiction, while also supporting them in developing the tools and coping mechanisms they need to tackle life’s daily challenges. Oxfam Canada is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending global poverty by advancing women’s rights around the world. This Ontario-based organization is a member of the International Oxfam Confederation, which continues to fight for long-lasting solutions to poverty and injustice on a global scale. From there, the Double Up site offers an intuitive navigation style, encouraging users to learn more about their programming or get involved. And since their program is location-specific, they include a prominent “Find a Location” button on the homepage as well.
Because many of the parents at your school are likely already on Facebook, this can be a successful fundraiser at just about any time. Especially when you’re not together, like during virtual or hybrid schooling, or just over the summer break, Facebook fundraisers and Challenges offer a more connected way to fundraise together. Choose 99Pledges when you want to host a successful and affordable fundraiser that can get a wide variety of age groups involved. With Cheap Fundraising Ideas , you’ll not only raise money without spending a ton of money, but you’ll also help your community come together.
Standards-based web services enable users to securely import and export records and real-time fundraising data. Panorama’s flexible architecture lets you create actionable analytics dashboards, configure and brand your own front end and integrate with your third-party systems of choice. They provide courses for both soft and technical skills to equip young people with the confidence, mindset, and motive to work with their wellbeing in mind.