Best Fundraising Sites: How to Raise Money for a Business

During Thursday’s hearing, Porter apologized for decisions that led to the “most devastating experience in my life,” along with the loss of his job, accounting license and more. Last November, a superseding indictment updated Porter’s charges with additional counts of wire and mail fraud. Unlike Giusti, Porter declined to cooperate with the federal government and appeared headed for a trial earlier this year. He changed course in May, pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit honest services wire and mail fraud. The company ended Porter’s employment before he was charged in 2021 and has made necessary changes, a spokesperson said in an email following the sentencing. Porter must also pay a $30,000 fine and perform 300 hours of community service.
One of the main advantages of using an online donation platform is that it simplifies the donation process for both your supporters and your organization. Additionally, online donations can be set up to recur automatically, providing your organization with a steady stream of monthly support. To plan a successful online charity fundraiser with fundraising platforms, first assess your organization’s needs and goals. Align those with the features and pricing options of potential platforms, then ensure they support peer-to-peer strategies. By integrating these tactics, your charity will better engage remote donors and maximize campaign results. In conclusion, peer-to-peer fundraising on charity platforms can be an incredibly powerful way to maximize donations for your fundraising event.
Starting your business often requires funding because start-up costs can be expensive. The beauty of these fundraising sites is that they focus on connecting starts-up and entrepreneurs with investors interested in backing their businesses. Now that you have our top 7 GoFundMe alternatives, you’re sure to find the best platform for you, stocked with the most valuable features to help you reach your fundraising goals. Honeyfund is completely free to use and it comes with a free upgrade! There’s simply a 2.8% +$0.30 fee for payment processing via WePay or PayPal.
Explain the details of your project, add pictures to your page, and set stretch goals all on one page hosted on Kickstarter’s website. Kickstarter encourages full transparency, so don’t be afraid to share with your backers precisely what their donations will go towards. Not only is their platform optimized for mobile use, but you can also integrate your social media accounts into your crowdfunding website. If the crowdfunding campaign is for medical treatments, don’t assume those treatments have been tested and are safe. Some medical treatments that are promoted through crowdfunding are unproven and ineffective.
Find your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore to donate and purchase new and used building materials. Head over to the support page to learn about more ways to donate to Habitat for Humanity. Habitat ReStores divert hundreds of tons from landfills each year, accepting hard-to-dispose-of items including new and used furniture, appliances and surplus building materials.
Invite people to pay a small fee to come carve a pumpkin and enter it into the competition. You could give them a limited time to challenge their skills, or take entries all day to encourage as many people as possible to take part. Set a selection of categories or awards for people to win, from Best Pumpkin Carved by a Child, to Scariest Pumpkin, or Most Original Design. If you’re looking for the ideas that are the most profitable, check out this post.
Crowdfunding campaigns can be created in up to four languages, making it easy for creators to reach international audiences. GoFundMe is probably one of the most well-known crowdfunding platforms out there. With Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest sharing buttons, you can spread the word and invite your supporters to do the same. Crowdfunder is hyper-focused on the world of startups and offers new businesses the chance to get their company in front of a qualified audience of potential investors. Fundly’s crowdfunding platform emphasizes visual storytelling, mainly through videos. Users can also create interactive slideshows on the front page of their fundraising page.
We’ve all seen the GoFundMe’s posted on social media when individuals, families and communities raise money for each other. GoFundMe Charity is a fundraising platform with far more robust features that are designed for nonprofits, not individuals. Luckily, online fundraising sites isn’t your only option to fund your business venture these days.
The insurance broker for the American Red Cross, Marsh USA, has created a link to a Memorandum of Insurance that provides information about insurance policies carried by the American Red Cross. During an emergency, knowing loved ones are safe can provide great peace of mind. That’s why the Red Cross provides helpful tips for connecting with loved ones if you are separated during a disaster or emergency. Please visit for information on ways to fundraise on behalf of the Red Cross or to request use of the Red Cross brand.