Beginner’s Guide to Local SEO: How to Do Local SEO

Note how Google only displays three results in the ‘snack pack’ results above. In most cases, more than three businesses are chasing local keywords. So, if you want to get eyes on your brand, a solid local search marketing strategy is imperative. Google has been the most trusted search engine for quite some time now, and to stay that way, they make it easier for local businesses to rank on relevant searches.
If you’re a marketer working with local clients, then creating reports to document your progress is essential. This is a simple way to keep clients up to date on your actions as well as to demonstrate your value. A number of BrightLocal toolsto keep track of your competitors and identify opportunities to refine your strategy. Using attractive images makes your website visually appealing.
These insights can include online reputation, local citation score, ranking history, and social activity. An online citation should at least include your basic business information, such as NAP. However, depending on your business, you can also include more information. For example, if you have a service-based business like a restaurant, you can add the menu, pricing, videos, and photos to your listening. It will improve the customer experience and the listing’s reliability. You may or may not remember the big yellow phone book with all the numbers and addresses in it, but directories like that really helped local businesses in the past.
Statistically speaking, a third of all the searches performed on Google are done for images. Depending on the nature of your business, Google can allow you to verify your business using other options like a phone call, video call, or email. You can set up your GMB profile without verifying your location. Google allows you to skip that part during the initial setup process.
Although negative reviews are a normal part of doing business, in high quantities they will negatively impact your star rating. Is a good tool to learn more about how your rank is displayed on a map of your city or town. A local citation is any mention of your name or contact information for your business and will help users discover you.
Now that you know how AIOSEO works, we’ll show you how to add local schema to your WordPress website using AIOSEO. But be warned, if Content Marketing is wrong, then you could end up breaking up your page. This is why we recommend using a local SEO WordPress plugin like AIOSEO. Local SEO is all about optimizing for local SERPs, but before we explain how, let’s talk about what are local SERPs and how they are different from a standard search results page.