15 Best School Fundraisers for Fall!

Our easy booster club fundraising process is great because it can help you get the cash to pay for equipment, uniforms, tournament fees and travel expenses. Boosters love that our all of our fundraising brochures have no upfront costs to get started. We are committed to helping you make the most income possible. Feel free to look around at our many nonprofit school fundraising tips, suggestions and ideas. Then schedule your free product fundraising strategy session when you are ready. This Parent Teacher Association fundraising idea leaves your students with a cool craft and a great memory.
Provide backgrounds with your school logo, mascot and colors, plus props (wigs, glasses, masks, etc.) to make the pictures even more fun. High school students are almost always great with technology. Put together a variety of sessions on different technologies as part of tech education night at the school or a local public building. Babysitting is another way to generate funds for your high school.
A flower sale is the perfect fundraising idea for summertime. You can partner with a local florist store in your community to purchase the flowers at discounted prices. The kids can help you arrange the flowers in custom floral patterns for sales.
If you’re a member of a parent-teacher organization, you already know that PTOs are the frontline of support for your school’s community. How to use email to boost your cheerleading booster fundraiser. Increase sales as much as 50% or simply run  the fundraiser completely online. Here are easy school fundraisers fundraising activities and ideas to use during your planning stages of your next event. Each fundraising product gives you an opportunity to earn up to 50% profit. Additionally, start a gift wrap fundraiser just like Sally Foster gift wrap used to do.
This can be done as an event or folded into another fundraising event as an activity and additional fundraising project. Another bonus to an auction fundraiser is that it can easily be made virtual or hybrid with the right tools. While many people are craving in-person events, the right software can allow you to offer an option that works for everyone. If it’s branded with your cheer team’s name, it’s bound to be an immediate hit among your team and your team’s friends and family members. You can host a fundraising raffle as a stand-alone event or alongside another campaign.
You will want to sell tickets in advance to give you an idea of how much spaghetti you’ll need to prepare. Then charge a little bit more for the procrastinators who decide to show up at the door. Be sure to advertise the reduced cost of purchasing a ticket in advance. Kids can help the environment while raising money for an important cause by organizing a shoe drive.